Mr Fogg's - The World's First Hot Air Balloon Bar!

Dear trusted friends and companions,

After many wondrous and revelatory expeditions, I have decided to embark on my most prodigious, or as some suggest, foolhardy endeavour yet. My humble Residence, Tavern and Gin Parlour, have provided you with fodder, tipples and a plethora of idiosyncratic amusements over these past few years. Now it is my intention to reward you, my dear intrepid friends, with a new locale, one that is slightly less... ‘grounded’.

I am to take flight in my peculiar flying machine, as I challenge the humdrum, bend the rules of the quotidian and throw caution to the wind (literally). If I am successful, I shall be launching the world’s first hot air balloon bar.

Hot Air Balloon illustration

Celebrate the launch with this new libation available only at Mr Fogg's Mayfair Residence.

Mr Fogg's Peculiar Flying Machine

Hendrick's gin, Cocchi Americano Rosa aperitif, Nardini Rabarbaro aperitif, homemade raspberry Campari cordial with a grapefruit peel garnish


`Sip the skies´

Sponsored by Hendricks

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Please drink the unusual responsibly - Over 18s only